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Drew, James Mulcro [1929-2010]
- James M. Drew, American Modernist, New York/New Haven 1969-72 (2004, James Drew's privat edition CD-R), Yale Collegium ensemble, Alpha Trio, Manhattan Percussion Ensemble, Track 1: New Haven Green for Two Pianos, Brass and Percussion (1969) 11:20, Track 2: Almost Stationary for Piano, Violin and Violoncello 09:15, Track 3: Metal Concert for Four Percussionists 10:39 (2004, James Drew's privat edition CD-R)
- James M. Drew, American Modernist, Celestial Cabaret, Track 1: Celestial Cabaret (Piano Concerto) 21:28, Track 2: Jacopo's Sub-Harmonic Hymns, Concerto for Contrabass and Chamber Ensemble 10:39, Celestial Cabaret recorded at Stetson University (1991), Engeneers: Wilson Hinkle, M.G. George, Mastering: Hinkle Studios, Orlando, FI., Publisher: Artistry Press International (ASCAP), Jacopo's Sub-Harmonic Hymns recorded at Warren Studios, Univerity of California, San Diego (1999), Engeneer: Josef Kucerra, Publisher: Artistry Press International (ASCAP), (2004, James Drew's privat edition CD-R)
- James M. Drew, The Symphonies, Track 1: Symphony No. 2, Yale Collegium Orchestra and Chorus, Keith Wilson, Conductor, Track 2: Symphony for Three Orchestras and Chorus, Yale Collegium Orchestra, Gustav Meier, Keith Wilson, John Mauceri, Conductors, Track 3: Symphony No. 3, Rhode Island Symphony, Andrew Massey, Conductor, (2006, James Drew's privat edition CD-R)
- James M. Drew, The Music of James Drew, 1 Track: Sacred Stones Resonating Under Fog (dedicated to Ralph Li) 08:16, Ensemble Drew (200?, James Drew's privat edition CD-R)
- James M. Drew, Music for Water Puppet Ceremony, 1 Track: 12:51, Ensemble: ?, (200?, James Drew's privat edition CD-R)
- James M. Drew, Cloud Architecture, Track 1: 07:29, Track 2: 12:40, Ensemble: ?, (200?, James Drew's privat edition CD-R)
- James M. Drew, Interview, Recording from kalvos.org webstream (show #514), Cantolobosolo, Bertram Turetzky, contrabass. From "Tenors, Echoes and Wolves" 9Winds CD NWCD0200, (2005, privat edition CD-R)
- Ex Profundis...The Orangethorpe Aria, for Soprano, Clarinet, and Piano Trio (1977) 23:36, The Mirecourt Trio, Kenneth Goldsmith, violin: Terry King, violoncello, John Jensen, piano, Catalog No. CNB 103
- James Mulcro Drew: Animating Degree Zero, The Barton Workshop, Cat. No. 80687, New World Records, 2009
- Second String Quartet (Subtitled: Music for Water Puppet Ceremony) SCORE, 20 pages, Signed by JMD

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